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i’m serena, a malaysian-australian writer based in london

some time ago, i left australia in search of county fayres and opportunities to babysit my nieces. since then, i've taken to london's underground like a bonafide rodent and learned how to gird these loins against the lack
of sunlight

i've written for the independent, CNN, vox, refinery29, i-D, dazed, frankie, insider, australian geographic, south china morning post, the sydney morning herald, harper's bazaar, sbs, elle, and others

i'm drawn to reporting on islands and faraway lands, but will write about the internet and georgian oligarch rappers

i'm studying a master's in dramaturgy & writing for performance at goldsmiths, university of london

my first piece of short fiction, hardened skin, was recently published by the london magazine. it explores loneliness, online identities, and being horny

in 2024, i wrote an audio narrative for paperless/vespucci based on my investigation into the beanie baby bandit

oh and i have a 100 per cent weekly gazette about pop culture obsessions: libido sewer

email: serenacoady (at) gmail (dot) com
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