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when 77-year-old ben perri is accused of stealing hundreds of rare beanie babies, he recruits a famed attorney to defend him.


but did he do it?


in 2024, i wrote an audio narrative for paperless/vespucci based on my investigation into a bizarre court case that took the US by storm in the late 90s.


through archival research and interviews with those who knew him, including lawyer kathleen zellner from netflix's making a murderer, i pieced together the curious tale of ben perri.

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i wrote and produced an episode for jay ooi's shoes off—winner of smartest podcast at the australian podcast awards—a podcast which tells the stories of asian australians.


the episode, minority report, explored the lack of diversity in television news.


it featured interviews with seven news reporter han nguyen, nine news presenter tracy vo, and former race discrimination commissioner dr. tim soutphommasane.

 listen on spotify, apple, or online

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