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I’m Serena, a Malaysian-Australian journalist with a mole on my face and a story in my heart. I have written for The Independent, CNN, Vox, Refinery29, i-D, Dazed, frankie, Insider, South China Morning Post, Harper's Bazaar, The Sydney Morning Herald, SBS, ELLE, and so on. I live in London.

In 2019, I left Australia in search of county fayres and opportunities to babysit my nieces. Since then, I have taken to the Underground like a rodent and learned to gird my loins against the lack of sunlight. I have also reported on women in the High Arcticerotic humiliation on TikTok, a busy chef in Antarctica, mixed race identity, the last lighthouse keepersvideo dating, Georgian oligarch rappers, and fashion experiments nobody wanted.

I am the author of Libido Sewer, a weekly newsletter.

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